Underbutler Press Releases


Underbutler ® aligns by defined territories in preparation for future franchise based expansion

2/1/2020 – Underbutler LLC announced today that its aligning operations by defined geographical territories in preparation for future franchise based expansion. Founder, Mike Kemp, stated “Few things are more empowering and professionally motivating than business ownership and ownership opportunity. Underbutler’s unique value proposition of providing membership based full-service luxury smart home servicing by highly skilled and personable individuals dedicated to clients is well suited for a franchise based expansion model. Aligning to this mode of operation for current and future growth ensures our clients will work with the most dedicated and driven professionals available - far beyond what they’re likely to encounter elsewhere in the market.” Mike assumed the role of Chief Information Officer, CIO, for the first defined territory in the affluent mid-cities areas North of Dallas and Ft. Worth, including Southlake, Westlake, and Colleyville, Texas. 

Underbutler ® expands services with staff licensure by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

4/18/2019 – Underbutler LLC announced staff licensure by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality today to enable expanded smart home service offerings.  Underbutler’s founder, Mike Kemp, said “We’re excited to gain Licensed Irrigator status in the great state of Texas.  This allows us to install and support the new generation of smart home control panels for landscape sprinkler systems, such as Rachio 3, with hyperlocal weather intelligence and data optimized water distribution for healthier lawns and gardens.  This licensing further positions us to be a leader in luxury full service smart home solutions.”  In addition to allowing control panel support, licensure enables Underbutler to fully address issues that may emerge in the field by granting the power to sell, design, consult, install, maintain, alter, repair, and/or service an irrigation system.  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Licensed Landscape Irrigator, License #: LI0024772

Underbutler ® secures broad trademark and service mark protection for bundled smart home services

7/15/2018 – Underbutler LLC announced today that it was awarded broad trademark and service mark protection for it's bundled smart home services by the US Patent & Trademark Office.  This recognition enabled Underbutler to standardize its social media presence across leading advertising platforms Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as simply /Underbutler in preparation for upcoming campaigns.  Founder Mike Kemp stated "It's an exciting time at Underbutler as we prepare to launch long awaited social media campaigns to build brand awareness across today's leading platforms.  We're elated to have the opportunity to connect with the world and tell our story as a consistent brand.  Registered trademark status frees us to invest in building Underbutler's brand equity as a key component of our intellectual property strategy."

Underbutler expands product offerings with licensure by the Texas Department of Public Safety

 2/7/2018 – Underbutler LLC announced today that it was awarded licensure as an Alarm Company by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  This allows Underbutler to expand its integrated smart home product offerings to include alarm system device consultation, installation, and management.  Underbutler’s founder, Mike Kemp, said “We’re very pleased to announce support for the new generation of leading edge smart home integrated alarm system devices coming from product innovators such as Nest and Ring.  Underbutler’s state licenses position us well to take advantage of the continued convergence of lifestyle and security devices in the luxury smart home market.”  Underbutler LLC is duly licensed as a Security Contractor, Alarm Company, Security Consultant Company, and Electronic Access Company, by the Texas Department of Public Safety. License #: B06245201.  

Underbutler launches services for Dallas/ Ft. Worth & Angel Fire/ Taos

11/12/2017 - Today Underbutler LLC announced the launch of it's full service luxury smart home solutions for Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas, and the Angel Fire/ Taos area of New Mexico.  Founder Mike Kemp said "We're very excited to bring Fortune 500 level services from corporate IT professionals to the residential smart home market.  We believe this will accelerate adoption of these earth friendly power saving technologies for elite consumers who care as much about the privacy and security implications of who is managing their technology as they do about the quality of work being done."  Underbutler selected the Dallas/ Ft. Worth market for it's strong economic growth and progressive adoption of home technology.  Angel Fire/ Taos was selected for it's idyllic vacation home market setting popular with N. Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. 

Underbutler partners with GoodHire for background check and identity verification services

11/9/2017 - Underbutler LLC partnered with GoodHire today, passing verification requirements to use their award winning platform for background check and identity verification services for Underbutler's smart home residential consultants for home automation.  GoodHire's mission to ensure both companies and job candidates are treated fairly and with respect resonated with Underbutler's founder, Mike Kemp.  Mike said "GoodHire's platform is unparalleled in bringing quick and convenient identity verification and background check services to both companies and their candidates.  I'm thrilled to incorporate their fair and balanced approach to employment screening into Underbutler's residential consultant partnership process.  GoodHire's EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and FCRA compliance practices align perfectly with Underbutler's core values and commitment to excellence."