Our Story


It all started with a dog, a home, and a love of travel

From Underbutler's founder, Mike Kemp - It all started with our first dog, Luna, pictured here with my wife many moons ago.  Luna lost her ability to travel and be boarded in her later years, needing to remain home during our adventures.  

The idea of unmonitored strangers assisting her when we were away didn’t seem quite right.  We wanted to be able to know exactly what was happening in our home at all times.  Had the sitter arrived, had she locked the doors, when was she there, had she left a light on, had she armed the alarm, was everything safe?  Questions and concerns swirled in our heads regarding the well being of our loved one, our valuables, and our home. 

Products and services available to address these concerns from any one vendor didn’t quite seem to measure up.  One company had great internet security cameras, but their sensors were poorly rated, another had good sensors, but their cameras were panned.  Everywhere we looked, lesser products were mixed with market leaders.  Some companies were great at one thing, but none appeared to be good enough at everything.  And, where could we find true professional services for installation and support?

Ultimately, I found configuring our own custom smart home solution to be quite satisfying.  What had started with a simple need quickly became a new interest and passion.  My twenty years of experience as an IT executive who had overseen cybersecurity and physical security requirements for technology infrastructure of some of the world’s largest banks had translated remarkably well into smart home solutions.  In time, the only question left was - what about helping anyone else?  Underbutler LLC was born.

There's never been a better time to upgrade to a smart home

Much has changed since the early days of smart homes and home automation.  New products emerge monthly and the great convergence of smart home luxury lifestyle products, home security products, and cloud computing, has continued at an incredible pace.  What once required wiring and equipment racks inside one’s home, can now be accomplished with the smallest of in-home devices utilizing wireless internet connections and remote cloud computing resources. 

Amazon, Google, and Apple have impressive and well vetted voice assistants that can be used to control an amazing range of smart home devices and actions.  Underbutler LLC’s private and personalized professional services take the stress out of selecting, implementing, and supporting this amazing technology.  Our goal is to provide the best service available to customers of all ages.  Call today to see what Underbutler ®  can do for you, (214) 210-5444.